Training day

Guns fascinate guys since they are little boys. As we grow up we try everything. We might start by throwing rocks, using slings, throwing spears and darts, and maybe even archery. At some point, we might even upgrade to paintball and compressed air guns. The real guns are out of reach for most of us... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Night and Day

Into the shadows I goInto the darkness I fallThe night is bringing me homeThe bed is pulling me slow Dreams come and then they goSome you rememberSome you let goInto the void of it all Shadows fade and then they goBack to the place they belongA new day is about to be bornAnd a new... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Witcher

Oh, Witcher…nostalgia is your name. I played the games a long long time ago and they decided to make a show about it. And they were right to do so. While season 1 was released in 2019, season 2 appeared only a few days ago. It amazes me how stories are born and make their... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Dune

If you're a bit older, there is a big chance you have heard about Dune by now. It could be the 1984 movie, Frank Herbert's books, or maybe the games. My initial contact was with the games. I loved Dune 2, a real-time strategy game that was so different from everything I knew at that... Continue Reading →

Two and a half baby

You might be reading that as "Two and a half men". That show must of screw me over. My son is 2 and half and I will forever relate to the show that was around a few years ago. Me and my brother liked it a lot. Now seeing it as a father … maybe... Continue Reading →

Life with a toddler

My son is almost 2 years and 5 months. Making me proud of how much he has evolved.He can talk to us even if with limited words but usually we get the idea. He can run, he can easily climb steps and small hills with such speed it amazes me. He's been so happy to... Continue Reading →

The search for a new home

Space - the final frontier...Nope, not that kind of space. Not yet anyway. The kind of space where you can put your foot down and not trip over a toy. Me and my wife got an apartment a few years ago when it was just the 2 of us. Two rooms and one big kitchen.... Continue Reading →

The good and the bad

Did you ever have a feeling of how good of a parent you are? It's probably one of the best feelings in the world. Then you probably had the reverse too - the feeling of being the worse parent. In the world, of course. As my son grows up with each day he tests his... Continue Reading →

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