Kaizen – Daily incremental improvements

I came across the Kaizen concept which basically is referring to a "change for better". Small improvements every day and given enough time, the path to mastery is open. Remove competition for a second and you will realise there is only one adversary that stays in your way. Yourself.The only way to win against yourself... Continue Reading →

What to do on your birthday?

DECEMBER is the month of presents for me. It's my birthday. Also my name day (Saint Stephen), so another celebration. Then there are all the known holidays. Being born in a cold month compensates with lots of holidays and presents. Here are some things I like to do on my birthday: take the day offtravel... Continue Reading →

Why is the Christmas tree magic?

As a kid I never understood what was so magic about the Christmas tree. Sure, the presents underneath it were magic but to a kid everything is magic. Every toy is magic. Even candy is magic if you were born in the '80. Christmas tree decorating seemed more of a chore as a kid. Sure... Continue Reading →

Winter is coming

No, this is not a Game of Thrones post. It could be, but it's not. Even though the tv show did encapsulate perfectly the idea about winter that I want to talk about. What is winter for you? When does it start? Is it even winter if it's not snowing? Is it about the winter... Continue Reading →

Why are kids so annoying?

Yes, I'm not kidding. People who have kids know what I'm talking about. Those who don't, will find out. And those who don't want them, maybe they already know why.As cute and lovely as they are, kids can be even more annoying and tiresome. There could be 1000 reasons why they are upset, but if... Continue Reading →

Teacher and student

I like to think I will be a good teacher for my kid. Its one of the jobs of a father. But my kid wants to prove me wrong. Its not what you teach your kid but what he teaches you. Patience. You think you know what patience is. Just wait until your kid puts... Continue Reading →

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