The spring of life

As my kid is growing each day I feel he’s becoming more and more aware of whats happening around him. Still, his memories are not formed yet and it will take some time until he’ll be able to remember himself as a child.

As I’m trying myself to remember my first child memory I recall being in a park. I was holding something in my hand, most likely a snowdrop. Not sure how I got it, and why I was running around happily with it in my hand. As I turn around I see my parents. It was spring and probably mother’s day as I go and give the flower to her.

This memory is a bit fuzzy and maybe my brain makes some things up. Or it adds to the picture things that never happened. But I like to think of it as a symbol of life. As a dad now, I do think sometimes of what my kid’s first memory will look like. I can only hope it will be a good one and that he’ll remember it fondly.

Year later I saw a black and white picture that seemed to be from the time of my first memory. Every time I think of me as I young one, I remember that picture and it brings back the memory. So take lots of pictures. Make a ton of movies. Years later you’ll be glad you did.

What about you reader? If you made it this far, what is your first memory that you remember?

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