Why we love the underdogs

There are a lot of (super)heroes movies lately and it seems a lot of people like them. The reason behind it – we relate to the main character, so in a way we are the hero in the story. Could be why we feel good after watching them, even if a lot of the movies don’t have an elaborate story.

Most of the time, the story is about an underdog character and follows his evolution from #zerotohero . Why do we relate to this? Could it be because all of us have a similar story? We all start at some point as nobodies and make our way to the top. Life in its essence is the same – we start as babies with little skills and crawl our way to our own feet.

As I was growing up, I remember always oscillating between being the underdog and being on top. As I started school, my parents put a lot of emphasis on being a good student in hopes of having a better life. They kept an watchful eye on my grades and made sure I did my best.

Somehow I became the best in my classroom and after the first 8 years that kind of gave me a superiority vibe. Guess lack of good competition is not that good either. Because as I went to high school I hit my first wall and I met a lot of better prepared people.

It didn’t matter much. I kept learning and learning. And after the first months I was back in the upper part. By the time high school was over I was on the top of my class.

The strange thing about when you get on top is that you will do some crazy things. You’re thirsty with victory, live life at fullest and you don’t care much about what happens. Shaving my head at graduation is just an example. Then again maybe its just what young guys do when they make bets.

Drunk with glory, here comes the next wall. University – again I hit another wall. This time it hurt a bit, yet I come out of my first year with a merit scholarship. Next 4 years are good to me. Even if I didn’t have much money, it was some of the best years as I got to be independent.

Fast forward to graduation and job hunting starts – underdog life again, soon to get better.

The lesson behind all of this? Failing in the beginning is good for advancing in your life/career. You need competition to stimulate you to become better. You need to hit walls to climb higher and higher.

Every time you become complacent you need to change course and think of where you want to go. Be prepared to hit a wall. Thats how you know you are on the right path.

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