Teacher and student

I like to think I will be a good teacher for my kid. Its one of the jobs of a father. But my kid wants to prove me wrong. Its not what you teach your kid but what he teaches you.

Patience. You think you know what patience is. Just wait until your kid puts your patience to the test. Day and night.

Stubbornness. Once he sets his mind to go someplace or reach something, he will never give up. You think you can fool him, but ultimately the joke is on you. He will pretend to forget and when you least expect, boom – he got you.

Smile often. Even to strangers. The forgotten secret of making friends. Thats how you make and keep friends.

Cry when you are not understood. I know, men don’t cry. But its a reminder to make your voice heard when others don’t seem to hear you.

Hug and kiss people you love. I get hugs when I help him go to sleep. His mom gets kisses. Or maybe he’s just trying to eat her face off.

Take lots of short naps. You will be refreshed and happy.

Enjoy your food. Don’t just eat it. Play with it. When he’s throwing it away, he’s just sharing it with others. Or letting the cook know to do a better job next time.

Dance. In the first month since he was born, I’ve danced more than I did in all my life. I call it dance, others might call it “make the baby sleep” move. He doesn’t know to walk yet, but if you raise him up onto his feet, he will “shake it shake it” like there’s nothing better in this world.

Enjoy water. Splash it everywhere. Splash everybody.

Play. The most important one, remember to let your inner child play. As we get older we forget to play, even if playing is in our blood. It makes us happy and its the best way to learn.

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