Why are kids so annoying?

Yes, I’m not kidding. People who have kids know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, will find out. And those who don’t want them, maybe they already know why.
As cute and lovely as they are, kids can be even more annoying and tiresome.

There could be 1000 reasons why they are upset, but if they can’t talk, they can only irritate you in 1000 ways. It’s your job to find out so I hope you’re good at solving puzzles.
If they aren’t sick, usually its one of the following: hunger, thirst, sleepiness or just plain old boredom.

The only good reset is sleep. But since they don’t know how to fall asleep, they will make your head explode with their whining and cries.

They say you need a village to raise a kid. I thought that was just an old story from times long passed. It’s not. Living in the city, thats not really an option. People in the city are not as helpful or as connected as the old villagers used to be.

It’s fortunate that I can help my wife. When the frustration level is about to boil out of our heads we take turns. This way we get a short period to recharge our batteries and then we can get back to being caring and loving parents.
I can only imagine how hard it can be for single parents. And I can see why some need serious therapy.

Then again maybe not all kids are as annoying. Some are more than others. Just go into a park or a big store with lots of kids. At least one will make you consider having kids. You can have the one that cries all day long, or the one that whines about something continuously. Or you can have my favourite one: the one thats laying on the floor, screaming and yelling as if it’s the end of the world.

Get good help. Keep your friends close. Meet with other parents. Talk about it. Build your own village. Or just do what I do – write about it in a blog.

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