30 cents coffee and 30 minutes to burn

I started to write this blog as a pause from the real life. My new job as a father consumes most of my time. Dealing with a tired wife consumes the rest of it.

I needed an exit for a few minutes to recharge. Some go shopping, others go walking in a park or just meeting with someone and have a little talk. The disconnect is real and needed. Otherwise, cranky parents will rise cranky children.

Since it’s winter now, going into the park is not the best idea. So I needed a warm place and a bit of silence. Found it close to my home in the local library. Getting there can also count as a bit of physical activity.

I get a coffee for 30 cents and I drink it in the next 30 minutes. The heart is fuelled up, eyes open up clearly, brain is ready and going into overdrive. Fingers itch and start typing. The surrounding fades away and nothing else matters. Human machine at its best is now unstoppable.

Mental health is important for everybody. No matter what they are dealing with in their season of life. How are you coping with the problems in your life?

If you want to read more about mental health, here’s the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_health

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