Winter is coming

No, this is not a Game of Thrones post. It could be, but it’s not. Even though the tv show did encapsulate perfectly the idea about winter that I want to talk about.

What is winter for you? When does it start? Is it even winter if it’s not snowing? Is it about the winter holidays and presents? What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of it. There are many questions and different answers depending where on earth you live.

While its winter in the northern hemisphere, its summer in the southern hemisphere. Tropics don’t have winter at all. How crazy is that? And to think you can get into a plane and escape winter completely if you get tired of it.

For me winter is more of a state of mind. Its arrival, around the winter solstice. The day with the fewest hours of sunlight and the longest night. The cold bites every piece of uncovered flesh, the snow is so high you can barely walk in it. The wind passes right through you. Every bit of water turned into ice. And everything is silent.

Throw in a bit of blizzard and the darkness of a night and you have the scenery from the undead battle in the Game of Thrones. I only mention this to remember that winter is also about survival. You need to be prepared to go adventuring in the nature.

Now that the bad is out of the way, winter is also one of the joyest season out there. Besides the holiday gifts, I have the fondest memories of me going down the hill, at full speed, in my sledge. Pick it up, go up the hill and down the hill again. I could have done this all day long. And I probably did.

Can’t wait for my son to grow a bit so he can fully experience what winter is all about.

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