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Why do people still go to the library?

Don’t they know we live in the age of internet where books are no longer needed? Is it because of the old books smell, maybe the bad coffee, or just because of the people that go there?

Almost every library has an old cranky doorman. The librarians – wanna be cops that never made it into the force and now demand that you follow the strict rules of the establishment. Then there is the old happy guy always telling a joke as he is exiting the building. The joke isn’t even that funny, but he’s laughter is entertaining. Maybe its just what the cranky doorman needs to lighten his mood.

Let’s not forget the younglings that come escorted by their moms or teachers – just glad that they can get out and escape the kids for a while. The students coming to learn everything in one day and hoping its enough for the next exam. The old timer wearing spy clothes that just sits and reads his newspaper – or is he getting the details for his new job? The old grandma who heard about this new thing called internet and is learning to use the computer.

It’s like a living organism where people come in and ideas get out.

Why am I going? It’s definitely because of the bad coffee. Joking aside, I had a bad impression of libraries. As a young one myself, I went to a library with a friend and discovered there are books not only about the boring past but also about the cool future. Foundation (Asimov novel) got me hooked and probably paved the road for me to study technology. That and Picard from Star Trek.

I found that I can get into the zone in this place where time seems to stand still and people just go to read and learn. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

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