Kaizen – Daily incremental improvements

I came across the Kaizen concept which basically is referring to a “change for better”. Small improvements every day and given enough time, the path to mastery is open.

Remove competition for a second and you will realise there is only one adversary that stays in your way. Yourself.
The only way to win against yourself is to develop good habits. And the way to do that is with small improvement every day.

Learning any new skill – same thing. Everything is Kaizen – a Japanese word I didn’t even know existed a few hours ago.

Even my son is doing it without knowing. Since he was born, he’s improving every day instinctively. Most obvious skill he’s developing is preparing for walking. Everyday he’s practising, from pushing his feet to crawling, from sitting to standing on his feet. His only competition – himself. Day by day until he is ready for walking.

Once you hear about it, you realise this is the right way to go about learning. You can even apply it to your blog – writing small posts everyday and maybe someday it will grow beyond your expectations. Your skills of writing and storytelling will surely improve.

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