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StarWars: The Rise of Skywalker – why do we still love these movies

A few more days and I get to watch the latest movie from the Star Wars sequel trilogy: The Rise of Skywalker. I’m not thrilled about the last 2 movies so I hope they redeem themselves with this one. The Mandalorian did a better job than both combined, but there is still hope.

As a kid I loved the lightsabers and the special effects. Boys love guns and swords. Somehow these movies managed to combine both of them.
And then add a bit of terror in the form of Vader and you have them hooked up. Younger people don’t realise this but seeing Vader for the first time was the definition of scary. These days we are bombarded with villains and bad guys. Vader was the “father” of them all, and the first villain that made a lasting impression on me.

As an adult I still enjoy these movies, maybe because I grew up with them. The special effects, the legacy of the old characters and the way they still keep the old universe alive is still thrilling to me. But now my eyes are more critical, I need more than flashy effects.

If they continue to make these movies, I will probably go to see them even at 100 years old. Hopefully my kids and grandkids will take me with them. And I will try to be as annoying as possible just to get a bit of payback for me raising them. They will remember the movie as the “Revenge of the grandpa”

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