What makes a movie great?

Since I was a kid a loved movies. Back then we had a black and white TV and there was only one channel – the national channel, which had only one hour of screen time. Mostly about our beloved “ruler”. This was in the late ’80s, and times weren’t so good in communist Romania.

Luckily times changed and soon we had colour TVs, a lot of satellite channels and a lot of movies to choose from. Action movies and cartoons were my favourites as a kid/teenager.

The movie “bug” followed me ever since and I still enjoy watching one once in a while. So what makes a movie stand up from the others?

the soundtrack – if its playing in your head on repeat it was probably a very good movie

the unexpected – an original idea, something unseen before, something that makes your jaw drop

a rush of adrenaline – while being in a car chase or when I hear bullets flying over my head

stunning visuals – even if the movie is not so good, the visuals will remain in your memory

a glimpse into the past – history movies that show us how life used to be

a connection with the hero – a believable character, someone to look up to

a “good” believable villain – every good movie has one

There are probably more pieces to this puzzle. Boys and girls don’t usually like the same things. Even that diversity makes them enjoyable and a good catalyst for people to get together.

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