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Do you still read a book if you have seen the movie (or played the game)?

Usually I won’t read a book if I’ve seen the movie. Or played the game. With few exceptions. One of the exception being getting Metro 2033 as a present. Even though I played the game, it was a long time ago. It had some uniqueness to it, so it made an impression even if I have a hard-to-remember memory.

When you only read a book, the descriptions and events start to be projected by the brain in a particular way. You don’t have a clear image on how the characters and environment look like. The brain has to work harder to create a foggy reality in your mind. But in doing this you get a feeling of pleasure and addiction (why some of us don’t stop until they finish the book or the chapter).

With a movie or a game, the brain has less work to do. Maybe that’s why it’s called entertainment. It only has to absorb what it’s feed to it on a silver plate. For games your fingers still have some work to do.

If you still decide to read a book after you enjoyed the movie or the game, I think it’s more for entertainment. The brain connects seen images and when you read the book you already have the foundation of how the atmosphere looks like. The characters have clear faces. So it’s easier to build the story on top of that. The brain is already fired up with playing the memories so it’s enjoyable.

Did this happen to you with books and movies? Did it add to the story already having the images depicted from the movie or did it make the book unreadable for you since you already knew what was about to happen?

If you want to read Metro 2033 here is my affiliate link:

Metro 2033: First U.S. English edition (METRO by Dmitry Glukhovsky)

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