What is time?

Time passes. Like sand grains in a hourglass. Except it’s not that visible. While you are young, it doesn’t matter much. It fells like there is an infinite ocean of it. Only when you get older you realise its true value.

The hourglass is meant to be a metaphor, but to make it more powerful we should imagine cracking it. Sand gets out and can never be put back in. In the end you can’t cheat and turn the hourglass upside down. You only get one shot.

One shot and all we seem to do with it is to work for money. But at some point we want time to work for us. Before we are too old and time can’t help us anymore.

They say there is a time for everything. And if that time passes its hard to do that thing later on.

A time to play and a time to learn. As kids grow, we shouldn’t steal from their play time too soon. Let them be kids a bit longer.

A time to work and a time to do something meaningful. There’s always work to be done but it doesn’t always add to something great. Something that will pass the test of time and remains as your legacy.

A time to get married and a time to have kids. Too soon and you might not be mature enough. Too late and well … it might be too late.

A time to meditate and make peace with the rest of the time we have left. Invest in memories that are worth it. Make the best of it.

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