How is it to be a nine months baby?

9 months have passed already. It took 9 months for the stork to bring him to us and since then another 9 months have passed. What was a tiny cry baby has grown into a speeding infant.

From the usual crying and smiling once in a while, now we are starting to see more complex actions. From full grown laughter when tickled to “fake” sobbing when he’s bored or sleepy. From excitement to sounds of pleasure when drinking milk from his favorite place. Mummy’s 24h non-stop store.

It hasn’t been so long since he started crawling. In a few weeks it went from a slow snail to a turbo speeder. One that has no brakes and no turn off switch.

After mastering crawling its now time to learn how to climb up. With every chance he gets he will try to get on his feet. Nothing is safe around him. Not even himself. At least not until he learns how to get down afterwards.

He even knows how to come to you when he wants attention and hugs…at least that’s what we want to think. Having only 2 teeth he also likes to bite when you’re not expecting. Hugs and bites. He likes them both.

With his first haircut he changed so much. He looks so grownup, and now you have to take him even more seriously.

His favourite thing lately is his almost daily bath. He gets so excited he crawls to the bathroom door … like a puppy when he wants outside.

With everyday he seems to understand more and more. Can’t wait for the time we can understand more and more of his world. Through his own words. When he can speak his mind.

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