The rites of passage

As we come into this world, we start to go through different stages of development – important steps in the life of a person. Some are developments of the human body. Some are related to the advancements of the mind and spirit. And some are changes in the social status.

Moving between these stages, some are celebrated in different ways. From the happy dance when your kid starts to walk or talk to birthdays and parties. Then there are the rites of passage for some of the more important events.

One of the most known one is the passage from boy to man. In older times this was related to a test, a hunt or some kind of difficult challenge. The boy would go into the forest and return a man. Or he wouldn’t return at all.

These days we seem to have lost the need of such things. But we need to remember that we still go through stages. And we might get stuck and our development will stagnate.

Most transitions happen naturally. Some happen later than expected. When you have a son, I believe it’s important to know about them. Bellow are some of the early stages we go through:

  • Baby: 0-1 yrs
  • Toddler: 1-3 yrs
  • Preschool: 3-5 yrs
  • Grade schooler: 5-12 yrs
  • Teen: 12-18 yrs
  • Young Adult: 18-21 yrs

As we turn into adults we start to experience the rites of passage:

  • boy to man
  • man to husband
  • husband to father
  • father to grandfather

If you had easy transitions, good for you – you must of had great parents and family. If you kind of did it automatically and on your own – congrats, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Each stage and transition comes with its challenges. Simply being aware of them might help you to understand why someone is behaving the way they do. Understanding that is the first step in making the transition easier. Happy kids make parents happy. And the other way around.

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