What kind of parent do you want to be?

As a new parent I hear stories of other parents and how they raise their kids. At some level you already know how you want to raise them – what core values you want to pass on to them. But knowledge of how others are doing it is always helpful in my decisions.

I hear good stories and I hear bad stories too. The eternal fight between good and evil. But I don’t want to call them evil because I believe every parent cares deeply for their kids.

There are the parents that give in to the Dark Side. Anger. Pain. Suffering. If a kid doesn’t want to go to sleep, there is a round of yelling. Then a round of letting them cry until they eventually fall asleep. In a sea of tears. Its a quick method but with unforeseen consequences. Angry kids that will rebel at some point.

Then there are parents who seem to be present and try to be the best version of themselves for their kids. The Light Side. Love. Patience. Tenderness. Kind Watchers. They take the longer road and use time to conquer the problems. Kids will gain courage, build self esteem and social skills.

Its not uncommon for one of the parents to go to the dark side. It is up to the other parent to bring balance to the galaxy … erm household. I’m not ashamed to admit I will go dark side once in a while too.

Kids do remember when you threat them badly. Sometimes all of their lives. The good parts, maybe not so much – you are expected to do them without any special recognition. So let them remember you fondly. The fate of your decisions will linger for years to come.

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