How is it to be a 10 months baby?

Ten months have passed so quickly. Seems like it was yesterday when he got his first 2 teeth. Now he has 6 and makes the best use of them. He can bite your fingers off. He stays true to his origins, might as well call him the little vampire baby from Transylvania.

His speed has increased, he goes around the crib as long as he can keep his balance with his hands. When he’s in bed, he lounges on his back without fear and does the leap of fate like in Assassin’s creed. It’s a soft mattress and somehow he knows it’s safe to do it. Then he laughs out loud, proud of his achievement.

With everyday he’s more in love with his mum. I’m more of a play buddy but with his mum it’s like the end of the world. Guess it’s true that boys will be attached to their mums most of their lives. The only word we heard him say was “mahhm”. It was when he was really upset and it’s as close as it can be to mum.

Social skill are improving every day. He can make himself the most adorable kid in the neighbourhood. And sometimes the most annoying one too when he feels you want to put him to bed.

He likes to scream. Loves to throw his toys. After he tastes them. If I make some kind of castle with his toys, he destroys it immediately. As if to say thats not how u play with them daddy.

He gets excited when it’s time for his bath. So much that he wants to jump out of your hands. He loves it no doubt. We love it too. But it’s because he will fall asleep for the night, soon after. With little “Where is mummy?” wake up calls every 1 to 2 hours. So much fun for all of us. But thats another story, for another time.

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