Life with 1 year old toddler

Its been almost 1 year of sleepless nights, worries but also of fun, joy and happiness with my son. He is curios and full of life. He wants to explore everything and has no fear. Like Braveheart, he’s charging into every little space of the house with no regard for his safety. No matter how well you will look after him, he will find a way to hurt himself and make you feel like the worst parent in the world.

Its like he has 2 voices. One that is annoying and mostly used when he doesn’t like something or he is hungry/sleepy. It will make your hair turn grey – if it hasn’t already. The other is the sweetest voice you will ever hear – like the voice of an angel, pure and full of joy: “da-da-da ta-ta-ta”. It will make you forget and forgive everything and anything he has done lately.

He’s got so many toys. By this time he’s probably got more that I had all my life. How times have changed. Everyday we play games together. We start with “hide and seek the toys”. He likes to hide them all around the house. And the next day we start searching for them. Then we play “try to eat the toy” and “throw the toys”. Soon enough we’ll be playing “can this toy break the window?” and “can the toy hit dad’s head?”.

He hates being put in his crib – its like a prison for him. To make that clear for us, he throws everything out of there – toys, music box, teddy bear. Even things you would think that are too heavy for him don’t stand a chance. Then he starts his angry voice and wont stop until you give in and free him. Or he starts to cry which is the next level of anger and drama. By now, me or my wife give in.

He has taken control of our bed. We were naive into thinking we can move him back to his crib when he’s bigger. He got used to it and us being close to him while he sleeps. Guess he likes having us around but I never thought I would be waking up almost every hour of the night. Wifey got it even worse – he wants a night snack and wont take no for an answer.

He’s making his first steps…well he’s reaching for us while still being grounded to an object. It took 1 year of practising his body or maybe its just how much it took for him to trust that we will catch him. Anyway, when he tries to walk he seems very happy. And so are we seeing him.

Other parents always told me life with kids is hard – but you never really understand what they mean until you have kids of your own. Its not hard because its complicated. Its hard because they have power over you and they will take all of your time, energy and sanity to fulfil their needs.

In its wisdom, nature made them cute. They get under your skin and make their way to your heart. You will get angry with them. Then you will both start laughing at something stupid and all will be forgotten. This is life with kids – a rollercoaster of strong emotions. A storm of them. One second you are high in the clouds of joy. The next one, you fall down like a lighting of anger. And then you start over again.

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