Life with kids in quarantine

My son is 13 months old now. I’m not very superstitious. Is that even a thing? But the 13th month was weird with all the quarantine in a pandemic world.

I thought it wont affect him much, being still a little one. But we are not made to stay indoors and little kids need to explore. 53 m2 is still a small space even for a toddler that was still mostly crawling.

We did the best we could given the situation. His mum threw him a great party for his 1 year birthday even if it was just the 3 of us. The theme of the party was dinosaurs. Maybe because he walks and talks like one.
Sure we had phone calls, video calls and what ever other calls are left. But there were not others kids he could play with. Except me, but thats another story.

Somewhere around the middle of the month we moved from the city to the summer house. And the world suddenly opened up.
I was raised in the country side. And I mostly hate it. But thats because all the entertainment and friends were in the city.

But now that I look back I can see why its a good place for a kid to play and grow up. Life slows down here and nature doesn’t care about our busy lives. It slaps some sense into you. As for kids, it provides them with enough entertainment. If you got a few animals and a small garden, you got all that you need.

Life in the country can be good. When faced with isolation it can be even better. My son seems to agree.
His smile brings joy to my soul even after a hard day. Must be why so many people smile back when they see a baby around.

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  1. It’s so great to have that option. We ourselves are stuck in a city home but have the option of going to our grandparents house for a change so that’s worked for us over a year now

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