A day with my son (part 1)

I want to start a series on how a day with my son looks like. He’s 1 year old so there aren’t many interactions. We get up, have fun and go to sleep. The end. Oh how I wish it was that easy.

A usual day with my son looks like this. It’s 1 am. I just went to bed and if I’m lucky I felt asleep a few minutes ago. I wake up to a familiar noise. Its not a cry, it’s not an emergency but something close to a whine. My son has awaken and the problem with babies is that they don’t know yet how to fall asleep on their own.

So he’s letting you know to watch over him. “Hey daddy/mummy/grannie or who’s there. Wake up and take care of me”. He will fall back asleep sometimes if he hears your voice, if he gets a bit of milky milk. Or if you dance with him around the room and sing sweet songs to his little ear.

Then you can go back to sleep yourself. Or you think you can.
2 hours later. Same story. Another 2 hours. Here we go again. Another 2 hours. Let’s do this again. Except that this time he’s wide awake. You can try to make him fall asleep. But more likely thats not going to happen.

Its 7am and your first watch has started. It’s the hardest part of the day. Wifey has to recover as she fed the kid all night long and its up to you to take care of the handsome mini-you. Every part of your body wants to go back into bed. And every part of your kid’s wants to get out of the bed. Guess who wins.

I can’t complain. I want to, but I won’t. Sometimes his smile is all the fuel I need. Other times I drink all the coffee I can get my hands on.

We play, we eat, we drink, we watch tv, we listen to the radio, we clean up, we play some more, we take a walk around the garden, we eat some cherries, talk to the animals, drive the cart around the yard and many more. Then boredom starts to hit us both. We look at each other with a devilish smile. Time to wake up mommy.

To be continued…

9 thoughts on “A day with my son (part 1)

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  1. Awwn, I love the relationship you have with your son. This will be part of his thoughts because you are in it. Enjoyed it all. As a new friend here, I wanted to tell you I have nominated you for the original outstanding blogger award. Keep on blogging

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  2. Wonderfully honest writing from someone just trying to be a good Dad. Kids will stretch us to our limits (and then some).
    Hang in there!
    It’s all worth while!

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