A day with my son (part 2)

In case you missed the first part, here it is: https://raduh.home.blog/2020/06/10/a-day-with-my-son-part-1/

If you ever wonder how a storm begins, look no further. Sounds of little legs and toes moving quicker and quicker with a happy smile on a little face. As he gets closer to his target, there is a thundering voice of delight. Sometimes he will hug her. Sometimes he might slap her joyfully. Either way, there is a storm. Of happiness for a reunion. Or of anger for unintentional pain. You always hope for the first one.

Like friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time, they are happy to see each other after such a long break. Even if it has been only 2 hours. For a 1 year baby that can feel like an eternity.

I try to take a small break while they do their little thing. Maybe I can get some me-time. A warm coffee sounds so good. I prepare it and maybe even get a bite of food. I never get to finish the coffee as there’s always a fire going on in the other room.

It’s around 10 am and my son’s boredom sets in. People need time apart from each other. My son teaches me this over and over again. Love needs air to breathe. Stay away for a while. And when you meet again its like love at first sight all over again.

We must give mum the gift of missing us. So I put him into his trolley and off we go into an adventure around the parks close by. He studies everything making mental notes. I get him out of the trolley and he starts charging to the nearest sharp thing. So I pick him up and we walk and explore together.

By the time we get back home, it’s around 12 and he should be sleepy. We’re counting on it for us to recharge our own batteries. He and mum reunite again lovingly and with a bit of tenderness, he gets into bed and hopefully into dreamland.

To be continued…

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