A day with my son (part 3)

In case you missed the second part, here it is: https://raduh.home.blog/2020/06/28/a-day-with-my-son-part-2/

As soon as he wakes up, he’s ready for a new adventure. If you didn’t get the hint, he will bring your clothes and your shoes. And if you still didn’t get the hint, he will throw them at you. This is how the afternoon part of the day starts out.

Granny to the rescue. Who doesn’t have one, should go and buy one. Besides the parents, she’s probably the best next thing. His granny/my mother always wanted grandkids and was asking everyday when she can have some. Now that she has them, she’s not asking anymore.

She will free some time for us and play with the kid most of the afternoon. She’s got enough patience to let him do all his mischiefs. At first he was suspicious of her but soon they became good friends. She would still want a granddaughter…maybe because she always wanted a daughter too but got two sons instead.

As the evening starts to set in, I hear a familiar voice. He is tired after playing most of the afternoon. I call this moment zombie time. Even if he’s tired and sleepy there is no chance to make him go to bed. So tired he goes in circles close to falling into his head.

He eats dinner, gets a bath and still wants to play more. Around 2 hours later – feels more like an eternity – he will finally loose his eternal battle with sleep. The second he falls asleep I feel like I’m reborn again. I can live again. So many things to do. Where should I start. If only I would still have any energy left. The display is red and it reads 0%.

I too wonder how it would be like to have a daughter but for now a son is all I have time for. Time will tell. For now I’m happy he is asleep and I can get a bit of me time. And maybe a bit of wifey time.

The End.

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