First nursery days

Its the first time I bring him at the daycare all by myself. As we get closer to the door I can sense he pushing back as he wants to go out. I want him “to want to go” all alone but we don’t always get what we want. Especially with kids.

There is a famous matrix quote: “Nobody makes the first jump”. I could say “No kid goes to nursery without crying the first time”. He cried a bit but he got over it soon enough.

Its the accommodation days and usually they only stay a few minutes before the teachers bring them back to you. So I wait. Its been 1 hour so I guess hes doing alright in there.

I see other kids coming and going. Most are happy. Then there is always one that’s crying as if there is no tomorrow. All other parents try to be supportive and smile to the upset kid and parent. But I guess we are all glad not to be in his shoes.

Another 30 minutes pass by. And here he comes all smiley and happy. The teacher is nice enough to tell me how the day went by. Seems he likes the kids and the kids like him. Seems its fine he is reluctant to go with the teacher before he knows her better. I should worry if he didn’t want to stay close to me. Right she is.

We wave goodbye and start walking back home. With the hope tomorrow he will stay even longer and make more friends. Its good both for the kids and parents too.

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