One and a half men

My little guy is 1 year and a half now. He has grown high and strong and its hard to look at him as a baby anymore. Sure he still needs lot of caring but his personality is so strong you have to take him very seriously.

He’s got his own language which sounds like a general giving orders to his troops. Just in case you don’t understand he’s pointing his fingers all around the room. I cant understand most of what he’s saying. But the funny thing, he can understand a lot more of what we are saying. And he’s got a great attitude for when he doesn’t want to do what we want. He starts laughing and runs away. How can you get mad at that?

Its been 2 months since he’s going to the daycare. He likes it a lot and can’t wait to get back there. We were happy because we could have a few hours for ourselves. Little did we know that kids get sick a lot, especially in the cold season. So 2 or 3 days a week he’s partying at home with us. And we are thrilled about it. Not. Its hard to do any work with a toddler at home.

When he is going to the daycare we finally get the house for ourselves. Don’t get any funny ideas. We did exactly what you would think we did. We slept for hours and hours.

Every experience is new. Even the small things, like eating at the table with him. Quietly. Each doing his own thing. No food flying around. Just eating and enjoying it. In 18 months this happened once. You will appreciate the small things.

Another fun thing we do is the HUG. The family triangle. We all hug each other and both me and my wife kiss him at the same time. He smiles and hugs us back. For a second. Then he just wonders off to play.

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