Life at 40

Congratulations. You’ve reached level 40. That sounds like an achievement on PlayStation. And just like those, it doesn’t mean much. Life goes on and you don’t feel like much has changed.

Being a dad gives purpose to your life and you don’t think that much about yourself. Dad of an almost 2 year old kid who demands almost all my time and energy. The bad part – you don’t really have much time for yourself. The good part – you almost get a chance at a second life.

You live and experience life all over again through the eyes of your little one. I can only think at those parents with multiple kids and think they feel reborn with each new kid. Then again, one kid is enough to break your life and habits. More of them will make sure that happens.

My wife already got me my gift without even knowing it. And seeing her raising him is a joy. I get to see life starting on a new path. And like most parents, we want it to be the best one.

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