Two and a half baby

You might be reading that as “Two and a half men”. That show must of screw me over. My son is 2 and half and I will forever relate to the show that was around a few years ago. Me and my brother liked it a lot. Now seeing it as a father … maybe not that much.

I have a younger brother so I’ve always related to Charlie. The bad brother who still cares for his family. Now that I have a son I catch myself behaving like Alan sometimes. The clueless father who would do anything for his son.

There is good and bad in everyone. The good side in me will teach him to be a good boy with good habits and good morals. But he also needs to be a bad boy sometimes and go after what he wants. That’s just how life is. So far he’s pretty good at that.

He is in a phase where he’s obsessed with letters and numbers. We have a lot of wooden toys around the house and his favorites right now are … numbers and letters. He can recognize numbers from 1 to 10 and most of the letters, especially from A to D. We might be going on the street and all of a sudden he screams “10” and then you got to look around and find it. It can be the house number, plates of a car. You never know.

I have a shirt with “The greatest dad” written on it. A present from my wife. And one day I just hear my son spelling D A D while poking the letters on my chest with his small fingers. Guess that makes me a proud dad too.

Hes still a toddler and we don’t get along sometimes. When he’s around for too long he gets on my nerves. No fault of his own but toddlers need constant observation. And when he’s away, I miss my little kiddo.

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Side by side is a book about the first years of parenting. Both the beauty and the hidden side of parenting. The long nights and troubled days. Parents who try and fail and then try again. And how your little one puts a smile on your face and you forget everything just in time to start a new challenging day.  It follows the first 2 years of a new dad and his journey, side by side, along with his son. 

8 thoughts on “Two and a half baby

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  1. Two and a half – a golden age!! I’m sure he’s a proper little character now and full of mischief! Learning new things every day that just amaze you and fill you joy and fear!! A very tiring age too, as they are always on the go and testing every boundary.
    Lovely post, celebrating fatherhood.

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  2. We re-think a lot of our lives after we become parents…it’s a whole new perspective on so many things we didn’t even realise were so problematic! I really had to tone down my moody days because my 2 year old once told me ‘Mumma don’t be sad, be happy”!

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