Toddlers – adorable trouble makers

My son is 2 years and 9 months old. Maybe it’s because of the cold season or because kids get sick easily since their immune system is “under construction”. But I never knew just how much kids get sick. Mostly colds and they are full of snout most of the time. Yucky. And then they give the cold to you too. So by the time one gets better the others get sick too. A never-ending story.

Add the fact that they don’t want to sleep anymore. And they can articulate that in case you don’t want to accept it. “No want sleeping”. And you have the perfect recipe for an awesome day. It’s hard to explain to him that he needs sleep to grow and to recharge his energy. Even harder that mom and dad need that time to recharge too. When he goes to sleep I often fall asleep too. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, that’s really all I need.

He is strong and slippery – I can’t hold him in my arms if he doesn’t want to. He likes birthdays and cakes and sings “Happy ciuciu” instead of happy birthday. He dances and sings. The best he can – which makes him adorable. And he likes to repeat words as he hears them and he’s getting pretty good at it. We try to help him by pausing our singing so he can fill in the next words.

Somehow he got the “cooking bug” and now all he wants to do is help his mother cook. He knows each pot and ingredient needed for his favorite foods. And he wants to help as much as possible. While it’s fun and nice what remains afterward is looking more like a warzone. And someone needs to clean it. I’m not saying who. But you might have guessed it. Yup. It’s me. Yey. My wife cooks and I’m cleaning up after them.

He gets taller and taller and also more demanding. And of course, when he doesn’t get his way a storm begins. I used to calm him down one way or another but lately, he is so stubborn. Like his mom. And when two stubborn people meet there is always fire. And all I can do is try to separate them. Which doesn’t always work. So I just get a bag of popcorn and watch the world burn. That’s the best I can do – not for lack of trying – but sometimes they just need to fight so they can kiss and hug up later.

The best thing is after he wakes up in the afternoon. He is just lovable. Full of joy and wonder, he can’t wait to explore and discover new things. It’s contagious. The worst thing is when he is tired or sick or doesn’t want to go to sleep. It’s hard for everybody.

Small kids/small problems – big kids/well, bigger problems. With every day I am convinced that it’s true. But I can’t wait to see him grow and see what he wants to become. The big problems can wait a little longer.

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Side by side is a book about the first years of parenting. Both the beauty and the hidden side of parenting. The long nights and troubled days. Parents who try and fail and then try again. And how your little one puts a smile on your face and you forget everything just in time to start a new challenging day.  It follows the first 2 years of a new dad and his journey, side by side, along with his son. 

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  1. I like the description of your son as “strong and slippery”– hah, my two year old is the same! It’s fun to see what interests they pick up on, like the cooking. My oldest caught my reading bug, and I love watching his joy at the library.

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  2. My son is four now, he no longer sleeps in the afternoon. I remember so clearly the frustration when he refused to nap. The storms are still here. Very rare, but when they start….oh, boy! Now, he is very articulate and he has the force of his arguments, too. I am glad that you enjoy the ride, even if you have the honesty to write about the daily challenges.

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    1. I fear the day when he won’t sleep in the afternoon. Even now he has some days when he doesn’t and its not a fun day. I just hope that by then I don’t have to watch his every move. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Some times I wished I knew better what I was getting into 🙂


  3. “I used to calm him down one way or another but lately, he is so stubborn. Like his mom. And when two stubborn people meet there is always fire. And all I can do is try to separate them.”

    Oh, my! I identify with this. Except, I’m the stubborn mom. LOL. There are definitely extra sparks that fly between me and my one child whose temperament is so similar to my own. But it’s forcing me to grow and lean on God to help me keep my emotions under control and “be the parent.”

    Lovely blog. Nice to meet you!

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