Life with a 3 years old kid

My son just turned 3 years old. Feels like just yesterday I was holding him up for the first time and now he’s almost another person.

He learned to salute other people. We might be going to the park and out of nowhere I hear him say “hi kids”. It’s just awesome to see him interact and play with other kids. And then you hear him say “bye kids”. He’s had enough. Time to go home.

Likes to ask “where” questions a lot lately. Where is his toy? Where is his sock? It’s almost like he is asking himself but also he is really happy if you help him find it. More aware of himself and the fact that he can injure himself – while he did have small accidents back in the past, these days he will start crying easier even if he just bumps into something.

He likes to do whatever is on his mind. You can see how that can be a problem. While I do let him choose his activities and a lot of the schedule is on what he wants to do, he is always pushing for more. Until he gets on my nerves. And that’s when the drama begins. Tantrums and crying and whatever he thinks will get him what he needs. And when both me and my wife have had enough, then we know he’s tired and it’s probably time for bed.

On one of these occasions, he just told me something that hit me hard. It went something around the line of: “Daddy stop scolding me. Edy will get upset and he will cry”. What can you say to that? Just plain thoughts in the air. I was speechless. He was just unloading what was in his mind and my mind was trying to process that.

There was a time I changed his diapers. Now it’s the time when he changes my clothes. He has his own idea of what I should wear. He even has a favorite t-shirt for me to wear. It’s a “Walking dad” one and he probably likes it because it has an image of a dad walking a baby.

It takes (only) 1 hour to get him to bed in the evening. He finds all kinds of stuff to postpone going to sleep. From going to the bathroom, asking for water or milk to singing and dancing. By the time he falls asleep, we are too tired to do much more. Soon we’ll follow him into the dreamland.

It’s been a time of firsts – the first time he slept through the whole night. He usually still wakes up at least one time but goes to bed soon after. The first month he went to the daycare without getting sick. The first time he counted to 30. And probably the most important one, the first day he didn’t ask for “mommy milk”. Not sure if it’s definitive but my wife was waiting for this one for quite a while now.

He changed so much in the last months. I am impressed by how quick he learns things and how fast time flies around him. One side of me wants to see more of his innocent side and the other wants to see him become independent. And both sides want to be close to him for a long long time.

If you get a chance, I invite you to check out my book.

Side by side is a book about the first years of parenting. Both the beauty and the hidden side of parenting. The long nights and troubled days. Parents who try and fail and then try again. And how your little one puts a smile on your face and you forget everything just in time to start a new challenging day.  It follows the first 2 years of a new dad and his journey, side by side, along with his son. 

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  1. It’s so cool that you’re recording all these special moment with your little one. It is amazing to watch a child grow from and infant, to child, to adolescence and adulthood. Treasure each moment even when they aren’t as easy as they are now.

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      1. Like someone else posted, it is so lovely the way you are documenting your child’s changes and developments. I can’t say I’ve observed my children’s changes with the same level of detail. I’m sure your son will thank you for this one day and you’ll have lovely memories to read back on.

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      2. He inspires me to write. If I didn’t write it down I’m sure I would forget a lot of what happens because he is changing so fast.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


      1. Reading to little ones is so valuable. You could check out books from the library, and teach him to go with you, and be good. Then reward him with a big smile when he sits to listen to the Library story Teller. I assume libraries have special set times for a small group of children to talk, and read a book with them.

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      2. We have a library nearby but haven’t gone with him since the pandemic. Its a good idea, I know they have story teller and it would be an interesting experience for him.


      3. Visuals are good, but hands on is good also. Finding all the nouns, and showing him what they look like for real would be a challenge. This just came to mind. Little ones love to read, when they understand what they are reading. I have seen some children who knew much because their parents read at the same time they did. They were older, and everyone had an amount of time to just read. I used to read out of Encyclopedias, three or four at a time while we were told to read. We kept quiet, and often I would find something I didn’t know that was interesting.


      4. For now he likes the ones with pictures and descriptions. Latelly his favourite is about the human body and one about the road signs. He stops and looks at signs each time we get near one.


  2. Oh, for most parts I felt somebody was reading my mind out loud, i could totally relate to everything you have said here. Hi, I am a mother to a three year old too and when I read how your son dances around when its bedtime, i had a long grin on my face because i share the joy and the pain (on certain days) when these cute monsters dont wish to go to sleep. My daughter does exactly that and much more drama, sometimes i fall asleep before her..But mostly by the time you are done wrapping them up, nice and cozy, there is not much energy or time left to do anything for yourself…i guess its such a roller coaster of emotions bringing up kids in today’s environment, i absolutely love reading the experiences and struggles of all new parents i suppose, just to reassure that I am on the right track too…

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    1. Sometime less. Sometime more. The only things to speed things up seems to be physical activities. The more he runs and plays outside the sooner he falls asleep.


  3. They grow up so fast….sometimes too fast. Told my kid to change into a baby again because she’s growing up too fast…..she told me No she doesnt want to. And if i want another bsby i must get another one 👀

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