At the beginning of the Preschool age

Pureheart – a heart that is pure. That’s what my son feels like at this age in development. He’s almost 3 years and 2 months old. It’s the age when he wants to share everything with us. His food and drinks. His hugs and kisses. His thoughts, his likes, his fears. He’s so bad at lying that if you ask him if he’s lying, the answer is almost always Yes. With a big smile. If that’s not pure I don’t know what is. He will tell you everything that it’s in his mind.

It’s an age where he doesn’t have a castle built around his heart. As he grows, so will his castle. With every no, a wall is built. With every yes and like, a door will appear.

Lately, he started dancing at the daycare. And he’s already doing it better than me. We get pictures and sometimes videos from the daycare and to our surprise, they were dancing to the “I like to move it move it” song from the “Madagascar 2” soundtrack. This is funny because that’s all he wants to do all day long. Yeah, some nights too. Most of them.

They have a “need” to do things their own way. Sometimes I forget that in the beginning, we do a thing in all kinds of ways until we find the best one. The one we like best. What else can we expect from a little kid? We have to let him come to the solution at their own pace and time. Even if it would be easier to just show or tell them how to do it. Sometimes that’s just not the best way.

Still, there are some times when he pushes it too far. And then we have to work on limits. For example, he likes to paint a lot. And we print all kinds of pages he likes on the internet. This in itself is another activity he loves doing. Choosing pictures and then running to the printer to pick them up. For him, this might look like magic.

Then we get to the painting. When he gets bored he starts to paint his hands. And sometimes he starts running in the house touching everything. At this point, we step in and get him to wash his hands. Even if crocodile tears will follow.

That’s probably why he loves to stay with his grandparents. They are relaxed and let him do almost everything he wants and desires. He likes playing with them a lot. It could also be that they have a big house and huge yard and he has a lot more things to play with. And a lot more to explore.

He sleeps through the whole night. Eats and plays all day long. I know, because I’ve spent some time alone with him without my wife. He got a cold. Daycare wouldn’t take him so we packed and went to his grandparents. My wife got some quiet time and stayed at home to get some work done. Work and 3years old kids don’t go too well together.

What about you? How do you deal with this phase and what do you love/hate about it?

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  1. “It’s an age where he doesn’t have a castle built around his heart. As he grows, so will his castle. With every no, a wall is built. With every yes and like, a door will appear.” Such a great way to frame it. I marvel at kids this age, how everything is new and they are so uninhibited. Then they learn boundaries. I have to admit I am one of those grandparents, but I must say that when our granddaughter is with us, it’s the only time I get on the floor and play blocks, pretend to be a shark in the ocean, or study an ant hill for 30 minutes. She helps me to take down some of those walls.

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    1. Great reply. I must say I’ve never seen my parents so happy as when they are around my son. Maybe it’s because he is their only grandchild. So far. And as you said, they will do all kinds of things around him that I would have never imagined they will do.

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