Life with kids in quarantine

My son is 13 months old now. I'm not very superstitious. Is that even a thing? But the 13th month was weird with all the quarantine in a pandemic world. I thought it wont affect him much, being still a little one. But we are not made to stay indoors and little kids need to... Continue Reading →

Life with 1 year old toddler

Its been almost 1 year of sleepless nights, worries but also of fun, joy and happiness with my son. He is curios and full of life. He wants to explore everything and has no fear. Like Braveheart, he's charging into every little space of the house with no regard for his safety. No matter how... Continue Reading →

Wine tasting and storytelling

Last night we celebrated my friend's birthday. Instead of the usual "lets have a beer somewhere", this year he had the inspiration to take us to a wine tasting event. I'm mostly a beer guy but I do fancy a good wine once in a while. Like a metalhead going to the opera. That said,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review : 1917

If you like war movies, this is one that you need to see. The movie wasn't on my radar but when a friend asked me to go and watch it, there was only one, easy response: sure. And thats because I know he has good tastes in movies, even if some of them are weird... Continue Reading →

How I became a gamer

Since I was a little one I was fascinated with technology. Back then it wasn't so evolved and few people had access to high tech. But, TVs and Radios were pretty popular and a good source of entertainment. Little ones are curious and they want to understand how things work. So I wanted to know... Continue Reading →

The rites of passage

As we come into this world, we start to go through different stages of development - important steps in the life of a person. Some are developments of the human body. Some are related to the advancements of the mind and spirit. And some are changes in the social status. Moving between these stages, some... Continue Reading →

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