The time we visited: Mexico, Cabo San Lucas

Winter has arrived. When you start to feel like you had enough of it, it's good to think of warmer times. And what better place to remember than Cabo San Lucas. It was the summer of 2016 and we had a week of sun, sand, blue sky and endless ocean. The view from our window... Continue Reading →

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

I was reluctant to write about this. The truth is nobody likes to be called a pessimist. They have a bad reputation, as if a black aura follows them around. Or a black cloud and it always rains on them. At least that's how an optimist would see a pessimist. On the other side, the... Continue Reading →

Why is sleep so elusive?

I don't want to go to sleep. It's what my baby kid would say if he could talk already. It's the same for me. I need to be bored 300% and even more tired before I head to bed. I wonder why. Somehow, there always seems to be something to do, something to watch, something... Continue Reading →

Happy new year!

Goodbye 2019, happy to see you 2020. This year has been a great year - the year my son was born. This year I also started this blog, mostly to try it out. So far I'm liking it and will continue to write as long as I have something to share. Thanks to all the... Continue Reading →

What is Christmas all about?

Christmas is around the corner. Again. What is it all about? If you ask ten different people, you will get ten different answers. Is it about the Christmas tree and the carols you hear everywhere? Is it about family gatherings? Or is it about Santa Claus and presents? Does it still have a religious nature... Continue Reading →

What to do on your birthday?

DECEMBER is the month of presents for me. It's my birthday. Also my name day (Saint Stephen), so another celebration. Then there are all the known holidays. Being born in a cold month compensates with lots of holidays and presents. Here are some things I like to do on my birthday: take the day offtravel... Continue Reading →

Why is the Christmas tree magic?

As a kid I never understood what was so magic about the Christmas tree. Sure, the presents underneath it were magic but to a kid everything is magic. Every toy is magic. Even candy is magic if you were born in the '80. Christmas tree decorating seemed more of a chore as a kid. Sure... Continue Reading →

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