Life with a toddler

My son is almost 2 years and 5 months. Making me proud of how much he has evolved.He can talk to us even if with limited words but usually we get the idea. He can run, he can easily climb steps and small hills with such speed it amazes me. He's been so happy to... Continue Reading →

The day I met my son

As the happy day approached, we went to a check-out early in the morning. All packed and ready, we drive to the hospital and our doctor tells us it's happening. Fast forward we get to our room and soon enough my wife goes to the delivery room. Not being allowed to assist in this process,... Continue Reading →

Life at 40

Congratulations. You've reached level 40. That sounds like an achievement on PlayStation. And just like those, it doesn't mean much. Life goes on and you don't feel like much has changed. Being a dad gives purpose to your life and you don't think that much about yourself. Dad of an almost 2 year old kid... Continue Reading →

Life with 1 year old toddler

Its been almost 1 year of sleepless nights, worries but also of fun, joy and happiness with my son. He is curios and full of life. He wants to explore everything and has no fear. Like Braveheart, he's charging into every little space of the house with no regard for his safety. No matter how... Continue Reading →

What is time?

Time passes. Like sand grains in a hourglass. Except it's not that visible. While you are young, it doesn't matter much. It fells like there is an infinite ocean of it. Only when you get older you realise its true value. The hourglass is meant to be a metaphor, but to make it more powerful... Continue Reading →

Why we love the underdogs

There are a lot of (super)heroes movies lately and it seems a lot of people like them. The reason behind it - we relate to the main character, so in a way we are the hero in the story. Could be why we feel good after watching them, even if a lot of the movies... Continue Reading →

The spring of life

As my kid is growing each day I feel he's becoming more and more aware of whats happening around him. Still, his memories are not formed yet and it will take some time until he'll be able to remember himself as a child. As I'm trying myself to remember my first child memory I recall... Continue Reading →

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