Do you still read a book if you have seen the movie (or played the game)?

Usually I won't read a book if I've seen the movie. Or played the game. With few exceptions. One of the exception being getting Metro 2033 as a present. Even though I played the game, it was a long time ago. It had some uniqueness to it, so it made an impression even if I... Continue Reading →

What makes a movie great?

Since I was a kid a loved movies. Back then we had a black and white TV and there was only one channel - the national channel, which had only one hour of screen time. Mostly about our beloved "ruler". This was in the late '80s, and times weren't so good in communist Romania. Luckily... Continue Reading →

Why we love the underdogs

There are a lot of (super)heroes movies lately and it seems a lot of people like them. The reason behind it - we relate to the main character, so in a way we are the hero in the story. Could be why we feel good after watching them, even if a lot of the movies... Continue Reading →

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