First nursery days

Its the first time I bring him at the daycare all by myself. As we get closer to the door I can sense he pushing back as he wants to go out. I want him "to want to go" all alone but we don't always get what we want. Especially with kids. There is a... Continue Reading →

A day with my son (part 3)

In case you missed the second part, here it is: As soon as he wakes up, he's ready for a new adventure. If you didn't get the hint, he will bring your clothes and your shoes. And if you still didn't get the hint, he will throw them at you. This is how the afternoon... Continue Reading →

Always watch your kid

Always watch your kid - even when surrounded with people you trust. No one will care for him as much as you do. Be weary of people who are charming, outspoken. Just as much as they are genuinely enjoying spending time with your kid, they can easily be distracted. I found this to be true... Continue Reading →

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