Embracing No

My son is almost 3 years and 3 months old. As he is growing, so are his interests. And you have guessed it - disinterests. Lately, he has embraced NO as his favorite word. No to going to kindergarten, No to eating, No to going outside. No to sleeping. And when asked why we get... Continue Reading →

At the beginning of the Preschool age

Pureheart - a heart that is pure. That's what my son feels like at this age in development. He's almost 3 years and 2 months old. It's the age when he wants to share everything with us. His food and drinks. His hugs and kisses. His thoughts, his likes, his fears. He's so bad at... Continue Reading →

From Toddler to Preschool age

My son is 2 and 11 months old. In 1 month he will get into a new stage of Child Development - the Preschool age. While I understand these stages are relative and the switch doesn't happen overnight, it's good to understand what to expect in the close future. For now, I still think of... Continue Reading →

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