Life with kids in quarantine

My son is 13 months old now. I'm not very superstitious. Is that even a thing? But the 13th month was weird with all the quarantine in a pandemic world. I thought it wont affect him much, being still a little one. But we are not made to stay indoors and little kids need to... Continue Reading →

Teacher and student

I like to think I will be a good teacher for my kid. Its one of the jobs of a father. But my kid wants to prove me wrong. Its not what you teach your kid but what he teaches you. Patience. You think you know what patience is. Just wait until your kid puts... Continue Reading →

Why we love our kids?

It's a simple question. Isn't it? Maybe it would be interesting to take another approach here and ask the opposite: why we wouldn't love them. It could be all the sleepless nights and tiresome days, the constant cries and laments that will scar you for years to come. Mother nature has programmed us into reacting... Continue Reading →

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